Monday, September 26, 2011

Egg Sandwich

So, this week was pretty tough. A mountain of assignments and projects apparently made their way onto my desk overnight and deemed it an extremely comfortable place to reside. I'm taking a break right now from dealing with the last of them. And what better way to use this study break than to post about delicious, mouth-watering food? Just because life is hectic and there is no longer any time to shower, does not mean you have to eat poorly! Take this delicious Egg Sandwich, for example.

1. 2 slices of sandwich bread, any kind
2. 2-3 eggs
3. 2 bulbs of green onion, chopped
4. Butter (preferably at room temperature)
5. Chinese "cooked dried pork" or "cooked dried fish"

1. In a bowl, crack eggs and add chopped green onion. Beat eggs + onion mixture until frothy. 
2. Heat small skillet on medium-low. Add 1/3 tbs. vegetable oil, or use spray-on cooking oil.
3. Pour egg mixture into pan. Let cook until golden brown on side touching the pan (after the egg has formed a "pancake" type shape, move egg "pancake" around to prevent sticking and to check underside). Flip egg and brown other side.
4. When done, set egg aside.
5. Butter slices of bread, on both sides or just one side of each slice.
6. Place slice(s) of bread into pan, butter-side down. Let toast for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown; flip slice(s) of bread and repeat on other side.
7. Assemble sandwich. Add Chinese "cooked dried pork" or other condiments as desired!

I have to say, the golden, crispy, buttery bread definitely seals the deal on this recipe. Feel free to make the egg any way you want!

Bon App├ętit! 

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